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Mantra Shakti (2018) Audio CD

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Expected Release Date 30th January 2018
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    • ACD-72025
    • Year:
    • 2018
    • Language:
    • Hindi
    • Genre:
    • Devotional
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    • Music Audio CD
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    • 2

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Artist of music album Mantra Shakti (2018)

Tracklist of Music Album Mantra Shakti (2018)

1.Gayatri Mantra
2.Lakshmi Prasannaarth Mantra
3.Graha Sampatti Praapti Mantra
4.Dhaampatya Sukhapraptartya Mantra
5.Baala Rakshartha Mantra
6.Vidyaa Praapti Mantra
7.Bal Veerya Vijay Praapti Mantra
8.Dhana Praaptyartham Mantra
9.Maanasik Shudhdhi Mantra
10.Praana Rakshaartha Mantra
11.Sampatti Praapti Mantra
12.Maha Mrityunjay Mantra
13.Bhaya Mukti Mantra
14.Rogaartha Aushadhi Prayoga Mantra
15.Praanaartha Mantra
16.Vansha Rakshaartha Mantra
17.Krodha Shaantarthya Mantra
18.Dushwapna Vinaashaka Mantra
19.Vaani Praapti Mantra
20.Dhana Bala Deerghaayu Praapti Mantra
21.Deerghaayu Praapti Mantra
22.Shanti Mantra

1.Gayatri Mantra
2.Shakti Prapti Mantra
3.Medha Budhivardhan Mantra
4.Dainik Rakshan Mantra
5.Kaamna Siddhi Mantra
6.Kshem Kushalta Mantra
7.Akasmath Nirakaran Mantra
8.Paap Taap Shaap Nivaran Mantra
9.Sthir Dhan Prapti Mantra
10.Mansik Shanti Mantra
11.Siddhi Prapti Mantra
12.Mahamryityanjay Mantra
13.Rog Mukti Mantra
14.Ashubh Bhay Se Mukti Mantra
15.Patni Prapti Mantra
16.Parivarik Safalta Mantra
17.Prasav Sukh Mantra
18.Vipatti nashak Mantra
19.Swarg Prapti Mantra
20.Prasannata Prapti Mantra
21.Baadha Shanti mantra
22.Arogya Aur Sowbhagya Prapti Mantra

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