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Synopsis of Movie KAHAANI

Vidya Bagchi (28), a pretty, intelligent, urbane woman, seven months pregnant, in an emotionally fragile state, but with extreme reserves of determination and resolve, arrives in Kolkata from London, looking for her missing husband…

Arnab Bagchi, Vidya’s husband and in her words, “Her reason for being”, had come to Kolkata on a software consultancy project with the National Data Centre (NDC). The first two weeks of his visit, pass by smoothly. Arnab and Vidya would chat daily and anxiously await the passing of the few remaining days apart. Suddenly, one day…all communication with Arnab ceases. Arnab all of a sudden is untraceable.

Worried about her husband, Vidya arrives in Kolkata. Alone in an unknown city Vidya begins her search as Kolkata prepares herself for its biggest festival, Durga Puja.

Vidya goes to the hotel where Arnab had stayed and is shocked to see that the hotel is actually a very down market guesthouse. The manager insists that no Arnab Bagchi ever stayed with them. Vidya is at her wits end, but chooses to stay in the guesthouse.

Next morning Vidya goes to the NDC but the HR manager, Agnes, tells her the same thing in person as she said on the phone to Vidya in London. Agnes had not sanctioned any assignment for any Arnab Bagchi, and neither did he arrive in Kolkata.

She goes to the police station and files a missing person report. The police are slightly baffled when she tells them that both the NDC and the hotel where Arnab was staying, claim that no one named Arnab ever arrived! But Vidya of course knows he had come to Kolkata.

The next few days are equally harrowing for Vidya. Everywhere her search reaches a dead end. . The final blow is when the police inform Vidya that both London and Kolkata immigration have no records of anyone by the name of Arnab Bagchi leaving London or arriving in Kolkata.
Even though the police are convinced that it is a case of wife abandonment they don’t have the heart to tell Vidya instead they request Vidya should return home to London. In her condition she shouldn’t be staying alone in an unknown city like Kolkata. Vidya relents and is ready to return when she gets a call from Agnes, the HR manager of NDC.

Vidya meets Agnes, and Agnes says she had a rethink on the photo of Arnab, which Vidya left with her. She says it came to her later that Arnab looked exactly like an ex-­-employee of NDC called Milan Damji. Vidya is disheartened and disillusioned, as this new information though baffling and intriguing, does not answer any of the thousand questions running around in her mind. She thanks Agnes and tell hers that she’s decided to return to London.

That night Agnes is murdered!!!

The police and the Intelligence Bureau interrogate Vidya, as hers was the last number dialed from Agnes’ mobile. Vidya tells them the truth as to exactly what transpired between her and Agnes. To her surprise, the IB department becomes very hostile hearing Milan Damji’s name. Vidya is asked to return to London immediately.

Vidya realizes that there is something very mysterious and sinister about Milan Damji. Besides, Milan Damji now seems the only vital clue to the answers to her husband’s identity and whereabouts. Vidya decides to stay back, against all odds and warnings to continue her search…

Who is Milan Damji? Why is the country’s most sinister and powerful department, the IB, so touchy about and interested in him? What is his relation, if any, to Vidya’s missing husband? Who killed Agnes and why? Was her murder related to Vidya’s persistence in her search for her husband? Would Vidya be successful in her now life-­-threatening search for her soul mate?

These are the questions answered in the rest of this fast paced edge-­-of-­-the-­-seat, suspenseful and emotional drama, of a desperate woman’s search for her missing soul mate.

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The rules of entertainment are altering rapidly. Moviegoers, in the present day, are diffident about a film wholly centered on grim societal subject matters. Nor are they enthused about a conventional mainstream motion picture. What works for the discerning spectator in the current scenario is an ev... More>>

The concept behind a jigsaw puzzle is most fascinating. Its three-step model involves drawing an intricate picture laden with buried details and fine clues, cutting it into several unrecognizable segments and assembling a jumble that carries a seemingly simple challenge -- to fall in place, to make ... More>>

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